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Our Objectives Regarding Gems
  • Our services restore confidence in gem identification.
  • For all those people who have gems or jewelry purchased, handed down, inherited, received as gifts or just found in the attic or basement.we hope to assist in helping to identify the type and value.
  • To prevent fraud and misdirection in the gem industry.
  • Contact us with your requests.
In 2006 we established an independent organization Clean Green Gems where you can obtain a Gemstone certificate.
We are neither a manufacturer (cutter) of gemstones, broker of gemstones, nor a gemstone company promising you the world's best gemstones for the cheapest prices. Instead, we act for you as an independent third party with the expertise to assess your gemstone and give you the confidence of knowing that your gemstone is the correct one.

Our Objectives Regarding Visual Arts and Education
  • To encourage visual literacy in all things
  • To offer free drawing lessons For all those people who may think they have no skill in drawing.
  • To pass on some long forgotten skills.
  • To help deconstruct and simplify some visual problems hitherto regarded as complex.
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After examining many thousands of different gemstones and buying and selling all varieties in markets in Asia and stones from Africa, Burma, South America, Thailand, Pakistan, Shri Lanka and elsewhere and being in the gem cutting and gem treatment capital of the world, Chanthaburi for many years I believe I have the required experience to try and estimate the type and value of most gems and jewelry. Of course I have favorite gems but hesitate to enumerate them as gemstones, like many people, react differently in different situations and many commercial interests try and promote their own products.
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  • found out more about relative gem prices here than searching the web for weeks
  • What a life you have led... paintings and gemstones. What next?
  • You have helped more than you every will know. Some things that have been explained to me before--you made them clear.
  • If it's ok with you, I'm considering using your site in my next class for examples of composition and color - as well as outstanding information and painting techniques. Is this alright?
  • My life will not be measured by how many breaths I take, but rather, by how many moments take my breath away. Thank you for many many moments. I look forward to many many more.
  • This is a golf putter .... are you kidding?
  • I had the blue sapphire put into a white gold ring. Looks terrific!
  • I am in the process of printing these first three lessons in beginning drawing for 9 - 14 year olds. (And beginning drawing for adults too!!)
  • I am 37 years old and did your drawing lessons for 9-14 year olds and I must say, they are terrific! It works like magic. Keep up the great lessons, us adults like them too.
  • Your paintings of roses are outstanding. It's hard to choose a favourite they are all really lovely.
  • I really enjoyed painting along with you as you invented Sylvia
  • I just completed 2 years of art college and did not learn half as much as I did about color theory, perspective, design etc. as I did just this morning from YOU!!!
  • I love your web site!!!!! I can't wait to tell my students about it!!!!!
  • Please e-mail any news or changes in this beautiful page.
  • As a fellow artist, I really like your web site and especially the lessons. Also, I enjoyed reading your attempts of creating the Alexander the Great painting ( I like the result and love your style)
  • Are you a communist, a socialist, just plain generous, a believer in the free dissemination of knowledge, or when I downloaded some of your notes to my printer did I leave myself exposed to public prosecution, which I now deny having done of course!
  • ....... it is a most gorgeous and romantic painting, realistic, colorful and very very romantic view. I loved it. Can you tell me how you get your inspiration?
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