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Our legacy; do we have an obligation?
Today's story of 'art'.
by Rube Arends

The importance of 'art'.
I am a great believer in the resiliance of most children. It seems to me that the enemy humanity will need to battle in the future will not be one cloaked in the usual garments such as disease and physical danger. The more insidious enemy is one that will trap the mind in expectation of external electronic stimulii.
Children will forgo interaction for pure reaction, as if they expected life to become one large video game. How to sitmulate the brain into torpidity? That question may seem an oxymoron but it is one fraught parents often are forced to consider as they rush between jobs. 'Just a stopgap' they say and mean it.

Maybe that is evolution, but it seems essentially a process of desensitisation towards the human organism. Then again, as the present generation accept the electronic, and information age, the next generation may dismiss and want to destroy it as all 'next' generations are wont to do.
Now that is an interesting prospect!
Wherein this future matrix are notions of beauty, harmony and good art to be discovered?

Certainly not in the current menu of promoted 'events' for most contemporary art, made without time, skill or labour is merely a joke and only makes the second page of the tabloids if the joke is good enough.

Recently an 'artist' covered a Chicago hotel room with melted cheese and called the press.
     News editor: " So what have we got?"
     Reporter; "Hotel room covered in cheese"
     Editor; "So what?"
     Reporter: "Done by a guy who calls himself an artist."
     Editor; "You sure he dosen't like cheese?"
     Reporter; "No boss, he is dead set an artist - says he belives in a cheese covered world."
     Editor - OK, that should stir up the true belivers and the precious souls who still argue about what is 'art'.
     Reporter - "How much longer do you think we can run these stories, I wouldn't mind covering a few murders or suicides?"
     Editor: "Follow the cheese guy, maybe he hasn't got long to go."
     Reporter: "He looked pretty healthy to me even though he was drinking that cheap Californian wine. How long will all this last?
     Editor "As long as the serious artists consider it serious and the public think a big joke we will keep the stories running. Now get out there and find one of those 'deconstructionists' there always good for a bit of light relief."

And so we progress .....

Rube Arends is a regular with BLINDEYE and has no other interests.