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Lecture tour

Year 2001 Lecture Tour and
travelling exhibition

John Hagan

During 2001 John Hagan intends to tour with the major paintings he painted as examples to demonstrate his lessons - approx 10 large (5feet x 5feet)... and 4 small. He intends to exhibit, lecture and demonstrate a range of painting techniques.

As yet the itinery is only loosely decided and no dates confirmed though it will be mainly concentrated during the summer months (the precious artist being a little wary of cold weather)!

If your college, university, art society, art group, gallery, school or museum is interested in being included in the itinery could you please do so by sending a preliminary email to USAtour2001

Though most of the costs of transport will be met by private sponsors it is nevertheless intended some fee will be charged to those organizations that can afford to contribute to the many other incidental costs.

Due to the expressed interest in Hagan's work and techniques, and the fact that his lessons are already used in countless schools, colleges and other institutions across many states it is suggested you don't hesitate to make your early enquiries.

As soon as practically possible a list of interested organizations and tour dates will be posted on this page.