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Regarding a recent discussion on who studied with whom.

The editor,

That anyone whosoever wants to be associated with artists of the pedigree of Annigoni, I take as a positive move. In fact, if some 20yr old,slack-jawed, drooling, villige idiot who could barely draw a tooth wanted to be included in that agust company I would not protest ... even if the closest he or she came was to visit the cemetry where Annigoni resides. If the boastful association leads to better drawing, painting dicipline and a desire to emulate Ingres, Gerome, Bouguereau or et al then it can't be a bad move. Since Annigoni seems the thinnest of threads that joins the present to the past any move to improve the breaking strain should be encouraged. Thought it may prove as diffucult as linking Watteau or Canaletto to Titian - it can always be achieved 'ad hoc' if not 'res in re'. I must state here that I have absolutely no association with the master Annigoni, being otherwise trained by persons utterly convinced of the value of seeking holes in the sky. Fortunately I did a concurrent course in French polishing which taught me all about stains, resins, oils and multi-layered trasparency.

I am just happy some painters know the names of good painters from times past ... standards can always be raised by obvious comparison ... just as soon as the various museums decide to exhibit the masterpieces they have maturing in thier vaults in the belief the vintage will come good whilst large dandruff flakes of house paint clunk from the Pollocks they currently have strung up.

Sorry for the rave folks ... but I just pointed an aspiring artist (55yrs) toward the works of Gerome and Bouguereau and he came back and said, 'How long has all this been going on?" If you don't weep you get angry.


The editor,
Regarding the article 'Search for the Lesser spotted Bouguerau'

Odysseus move over. When shall the hero fall upon his antagonists with crossbow, sword or jawbone of an ass? Might the ass be named Cannady, Kramer or Hoving? When will he save the fair penelope from her sycophant suitors all dressed in New Imperial clothes?

The anticipation is unbearable.:-)

I can't even hint at the ending of this story FR . Maybe our hero will find his way to the Cowdisley site on the internet to discover some vital clue ... or be set upon in the back alleys of Mexico city by a gang of post modernist, academic thugs and gallery owners as they interrupt their usual activties of raping the innocent (possibly Penelope since you brought her into it) and robbing unsuspecting tourists by selling them fake urinals. I am certain our man will give a good account of himself as he is a warrior (loves Gerome), dedicated to the task, and not without articfice when it comes to tight corners.
At least I hope he is!
The question is: will he fight fair or foul (fowl)?

... Leon Arduous --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------