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Turn a blind eye?

Admiral Lord Nelson, with only one good eye, once disired to ignore certain behaviour of his crew and subsquently turned his blind, or bad eye in their direction. This fulfilled two requirements. The first was to indicate he saw nothing that would necessitate writing a report while the second being that he could not be accused of being abject to their wrongdoing.

The 20th Certury art establishment, those unbrave souls consumed by self interest and fearful of offence, suspended disbelief to the altar of institutionalized largesse will only be truly judged by history.

Sadly history will remember them as part of the joke and not as the mere observers they desire. Bravely, the staff of 'blindeye', has never so aquiesed as to call a spade anything but, a spade. Such has been our stance, with humour, which has always required a sharpening of the quill. Therefore we use satire to deflate buffoonery, fact to parody fiction and apes to mimic the clowns: and all in the name of better entertainment.