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Top news story

David Hockney's
amazing discovery
by our staff Reporter


In a recent interview David Hockney has revealed he has 'just discovered something that contradicts art history'. (Herald, Spectrum Oct.2)
    'For 300 years,' Hockney maintains, 'European painting has been lens-based.' 'When I first suggested my theory in an article to Britian's Royal Academy art magazine they seemed horrified,' he said. 'Why I don't know.'
    Hockney believes Ingres, Velazquez, Caravaggo, amongst others, all used the camera lucida. Hockney also believes it was only through use of the camera lucida were these artists able to depict and infuse such vital life to their portraits, only by use of the camera lucida could the exact relationships between eyes, nose and mouth be examined and transferred to their portraits.
Furthermore ....
    'Most of Hockney's own portraits remain unseen by the public. Ultimately Hockney plans to use the camera lucida as an aid in painting full scale portraits ...'
    It is going to be hard not to wet my pants in anticipation!!!!!
    On a more cheerful note David also believes ...
    ''The crtics say painting is dead. They don't see. It's the other way round. It's photography that's dying.'
    It would be disingenuous for anyone to conclude this has anything to do with David's forthcoming foray into portraiture.


Here we are privledged to discover what David can do with a lot of photographs and a pair of scissors. I expect it is easier than trying to draw with a pencil and no particular aids at all?