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Regular painter's column
Model aeroplanes and art
by Red Ochre

An unnerving experience:
      Today I visited my picture framer who has a little shop on a main street and deals with the genereal public on a constant basis. He was looking a little fraught and I made the mistake of asking him if everything was alright. His eyes took on a dull glaze, rather, I imagine, like the look of someone just told he had incurable cancer, and he asked me, "Why is it John that everyone who paints a picture wants to sell it ... even suggesting they put it on my shop wall and stick a price on it? Furthermore," he quickly continued, as I took a step back, "if I look slightly shy about doing so they darken ... as if I had just insulted them, called thier child illegitimate or mentioned in passing that their breath smelled. Some even threaten they might take their framing business elswhere."

      I looked around for a quick exit, but not quick enough as he had slyly edged around to block my path ... "Why is that John? I ask you, if someone spent 12 months making a model aeroplane would they take it back to the store and ask them to sell it ... for $10,000 dollars? Would they say, my time is money! Of course not! But here - they come in, buy some paints, take them home and come back 6 months later with some canvas or other and want me to make them a million dollars."

      At this point, much to my good fortune a paying customer entered the shop and I saw my chance to dart out into the street, nearly, I might add in my haste getting run over by a school bus. Anyway, a few members of Cowdisley will no doubt be pleased, I am back home safe in my studio happy and relieved to avoid having to reply to such a penetrative question.

Red Ochre has been a contributer to 'Blindeye' ever since it was made a condition of his parole.